Pencil Artist Wilfrid Barbier

Pencil Artist of the Week: Wilfrid Barbier

This week’s featured artist is Wilfrid Barbier, a pencil artist from Canada who creates color pencil drawings based on photographs taken during his travels. Each drawing in Wilfrid’s gallery features a short caption describing the subject depicted and when/how the original photograph was taken. These captions give a bit of insight into the artist’s creative […]

Blackwing Volumes – Vol. 725 – The Sunburst Pencil

Yesterday, Palomino announced the first Volumes limited edition Blackwing pencil, Vol. 725., exclusively to subscribers of the Volumes program. Today, it’s available to non-subscribers, and we have it here on Below is an excerpt from the announcement detailing the story behind the pencil: “The Blackwing 725 pays tribute to [the] Newport [Folk Festival] as […]

Chelsea MFG Co. Blade Sharpener

Vintage Pencil Sharpeners In All Their Glory

Vintage pencil sharpeners are exciting.  Though I never thought I would make that statement, it’s true – old pencil sharpeners vary from sleek and fancy to wild and zany in their designs. Panasonic Pana-Point KP-22A This 1970s pencil sharpener fetches a pretty penny on Etsy.  Its minimalist, rounded design is hard to hate and it […]