Ten Amazing Pencil Artists on Tumblr

Tumblr is awesome, and it’s easy to spend hours drifting directionless from post to post and person to person. Check out these ten artists who fill their tumblrs with original pencil artwork for your viewing pleasure.

Giacomo Burattini

Giacomo creates stunning photo-realistic portraits. His subjects range from celebrities to family members, and each one is accompanied by several “work in progress” images that provide insight into his process. 

Pencil Artist Giacomo Burattini

Lynsey Hayton

Lynsey draws in color as well as grayscale. Her subjects are most often animals, flowers, and skulls. Her work is incredibly detailed, and captioned with interesting snippets about the work’s creation.

Pencil Artist Lynsey Hayton

Miriam Galassi

Miriam is a German gothic and fantasy artist. Her drawings of eyes are particularly vibrant and unique, but don’t miss her photorealistic portraits or animal drawings either!

Pencil ARtist Miriam Galassi

Dessie Jackson

Dessie is an artist of many mediums, including pencils, pastels, and watercolors. In addition to producing gorgeous images, she also posts stop-motion videos that really bring her art to life.

Pencil Artist Dessie Jackson

Robert Hendrickson

Robert’s tumblr features videos as well, of his works in progress. He creates beautiful stylized portraits in black and white and in color. He posts art he does for fun alongside professional pieces, making his tumblr a great place for aspiring professional artists to get inspired.

Pencil Artist Robert Hendrickson

Anna Chelsky

Anna may be studying literature, but it’s clear she knows a thing or two about art. Her images are vivid and bright, some realistic and most surreal. Interspersed with her drawings are photographs and paintings, demonstrating her varied talent.

Pencil Artist Anna Chelsky


Devin is another artist of many talents, including photorealistic drawings with both colored pencils and ballpoint pens. His tumblr also features colored pencil speed drawing videos, where you can see the artist in action!

Pencil Artist Devin


Sam’s beautiful pencil portraits are often in grayscale, but every now and then some color sneaks in. Work-in-progress images tell the creation story of her unique and beautiful work, and her tumblr as a whole shows her progress as an artist over time.

Pencil Artist Sam

Allison Edes

Allison’s amazing art is characterized by smooth, flowing lines and soft edges. There is a dreamlike quality to her work that makes it nearly impossible to tear your eyes away.

Pencil Artist Allison Edes


Dindi is a varied artist, her style swinging from cute and simple comics to surreal images and from black-and-white to explosions of color. No matter what your style or preference when it comes to art, there is sure to be an image that speaks to you on Dindi’s tumblr.

Pencil Artist Dindi

Those are my picks for amazing pencil artists on Tumblr! I’d love to hear yours, too. Share in the comments!

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  1. Derrick
    Derrick says:

    Very nice stuff. Robert Hendrickson is just 100% pure talent. I dabble in pencil. I don’t suppose I could get an honorable mention? 🙂


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