10 Ways to Use Custom Pencils

Custom PencilsHere at Studio 602, we love all things creative and pencil-related, so it’s only natural that we love custom pencils. Here’s our list of ten creative ways you can customize pencils for parties, merchandising and everything in between.

10 Ways to Use Custom Pencils

1. Personalized Gifts

The holiday season may be over, but birthdays are never far off. Instead of a worn out gift that they’ve seen a thousand times, give them a personalized pencil set that reminds them how much you care (and how much older they are than you!).

2. Album, Book or Movie Releases

If you’re a musician trying to promote a new album, custom imprint pencils give you the ability to promote it and sell merchandise at the same time. Same goes for authors or film directors. No one expects to see a custom pencil at a musician’s merch table… and that’s exactly why it’s a perfect fit.

3. Show School Spirit

Smells like… pencils? Hand custom pencils with your school’s colors and slogan out at your next rally or turn heads in math class with a set of custom pencils that show your school spirit. You might even be able to get some extra credit along the way!

4. Identification Around the Office

Do your pencils always seem to find their way off your desk and into the hands of your coworkers? With custom pencils, you’ll be able to identify the culprit right away, so you can spend your time getting things done instead of interrogating suspects.

5. Advertising

Sure, you could shell out the big bucks for a billboard or local television commercial slot, but sometimes the little things can be just as effective. Custom pencils with your company’s logo or name allow you to get your brand directly into the hands of consumers.

6. Favorite teams

Show some team spirit! Whether you want to promote your local little league squad or your company softball team, custom pencils can be customized to match any teams color scheme and let you show your support in style: with a pencil.

7. Business cards

Next time, instead of handing out a business card, how about handing out a business pencil? The concept is the same, but instead of a disposable piece of paper that will most likely wind up in the trash, you are giving them tool that they can use and are, therefore, less likely to toss out.

8. Save the date

If you are planning a birthday party, wedding, baby shower or some other social gathering, you want to make sure that your guests save the date. A custom pencil with the date printed on its shaft will serve a constant reminder of the event and make a bigger impact than an invitation stuck up on the fridge.

9. Announcements

Whether you’re expecting a baby, or your baby is all grown up and graduating from college, custom imprint pencils let you share the important events in your life in a special way and help make the announcement just as memorable as the event it precedes.

10. Super Bowl Party Favors

The Super Bowl is right around the corner, and that means one thing: Super Bowl parties. Instead of using the party favors left over from Christmas and New Year’s, print some custom pencils for both teams and hold your own pencil grudge match!

There you have it, ten ways you can use custom imprint pencils in your everyday life. And, to make it easier for you to try out some of these custom imprint ideas, we’re taking 20% off all of our custom imprint pencils for the entire month of January. Just use the coupon code “JANUARY” during checkout and get to customizing! And stay tuned to Studio 602 for information about our new private Palomino label pencils!

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  1. Andy Welfle
    Andy Welfle says:

    What’s cool is that if you’re a member of the American Pencil Collector’s society (http://pencilcollector.org/), they encourage you to make personalized pencils with your member number and contact information to trade amongst members. That would be a great market for this pencil sale!


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