Ten Unique Pencil Designs

Pencils get the creative juices flowing for many artists. Some create beautiful works of art with pencils but, for others, the pencils themselves are the objects of art. I hope you enjoy this list of ten very creative and very unique pencil designs!

1. Gavel Pencil – My dad is a lawyer and he brought some of these home from the office for me when I was a kid. I thought they were the coolest thing in the world. Plus, I made a lot of mistakes (especially in math) so having two erasers was the best.

2. Bendy Pencil – This is another pencil I loved as a kid. You could tie them to your backpack or around your wrist, or tie a bunch of them together to make a chain of bendy pencils.

3. Glitter Pencil – I promise this isn’t just a list of my childhood favorites! Glitter pencils were all the rage when I was in fourth grade, and I had one in every color.

4. Mechanical Pencil That Looks Like a Traditional Pencil – All the classic style you’ve loved for years, without the need to carry a sharpener.

5. Graphite Sculptures – In addition to being beautiful works of art, these versatile sculptures are very useful because you can write with every inch of them.

6. Used Paper and Newspaper Pencils – Do you love the planet? Do you want to do your part and recycle? Then use one of these really awesome and environmentally-friendly pencils!

7. Slingshot Pencil – I didn’t have one of these as a kid, but boy would I have loved one! Fun and useful, this is definitely a tool to keep in your back pocket.

8. Pencil Dice – Just like a traditional six-sided die, but in pencil form! These handy pencils can be used to write, draw, play games, and make decisions when a coin flip just won’t do! (Hint: You can make one yourself with any six-sided pencil and a Sharpie)

9. Clothespin Pencil – Despite starting off this list with three of my long-time favorite unique pencil designs, I have to say this one may be my current favorite. It’s silly, fun, and definitely creative. Plus, it’s a great way to put that awkwardly-sized bit of broken graphite to use!

10. Personalized Pencil – What could be more unique than a pencil that comes from your very own brain? Better still, you can design your own right here at Pencils.com!

I’ve gone on at length about my favorite pencils, and now I want to hear about yours! Tell me in the comments, and share any other unique pencil designs that didn’t make the list.

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