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The Odd Life of Timothy GreenThe Odd Life of Timothy Green

Sometimes I worry that I get a little too wrapped up in pencils. After all, it is an occupational hazard, and my belief that a pencil is the key to limitless possibility is pretty well documented. I’m always heartened, therefore, when I find like-minded people who are as enamored with a pencil as I am. It would appear that Peter Hedges, writer-director of “The Odd Life of Timothy Green” is a kindred spirit.

“The Odd Life of Timothy Green” which takes place in the fictional town of Stanleyville, Indiana, concerns a childless couple who have given up on their dreams of ever having a child on their own. Over a bottle of wine one night, the couple writes down all their hopes and wishes for their dream child, using a vintage pencil. They then bury the wishes and the pencil in the backyard, and after a torrential storm, a lovely child named Timothy Green appears on their doorstep.

Pencils play an important role in the film, which charts the love and wisdom that Timothy brings both to his parents and the people around him. Stanleyville is called “The Pencil Capital of the World,” and is home to both a pencil factory and a pencil museum, where dad and mom are employed, respectively. One of their wishes for their dream child is that he will be “Picasso with a pencil,” a skill that Timothy uses to melt the heart of mom Cindy’s stone-faced boss. And, of course, it is the planting of a pencil that brings Timothy into being, and a pencil that helps Timothy save the town’s faltering economy.

While I might argue the film’s supposition that the pencil business is suffering, given this article about the recent spike in pencil sales world-wide, I do agree with dad Jim’s line that, “With a pencil, anything is possible.” With a stroke of a pencil and a flick of the eraser, a pencil lets you inhabit the world in a way that tablets, PCs and and other digital detritus never can. It’s a medium for endless possibility and magic, one that the makers of “The Odd Life of Timothy Green” have captured to wondrous effect.

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  1. Loni Litten
    Loni Litten says:

    A truly delightful movie . Perhaps I am way behind the times but I love fantasy in my fantasy . I like movies that leave me feeling good when it’s over. If I want to feel bad I read the news paper. I spend my limited time for movies trying to find positive “feel good” movies. With this movie I hit the jackpot. Thank you

  2. Wayne Glover
    Wayne Glover says:

    I am a sketch artist by birth. I was blessed with the skill to take a pencil and turn it into a work of art. Although I’ve been brought into the digital world, I can’t believe that there is a better way to express ones own feelings than with the pencil. I also love feel good movies. At my age now of 57, I still get tears in my eyes when there is a moment of righteousness or someone is hurt that didn’t deserve it. “The Odd Life Of Timothy Green” is an awesome movie. No it isn’t one that will get an award of the usual kind, but it’s a winner n my book. Awesome job guys. Do more so we can continue having faith in the human race.

  3. Edwin Hawthorn
    Edwin Hawthorn says:

    What a stunning concept for a movie! I loved every moment of it, the mystical, the love, the uncertainty, the innocence of children and also accepting them as they are – I do hope I get this right.

    I just turned 50 and have 3 of my own children and two of the three are getting married this year. I dreaded becoming ‘grand-father’ but after seeing this movie and always believing that children are there to teach adults and not the other way around, I dare say that I welcome my grand-children into being.

    A must see for the romantic at heart.

    Loving life… Edwin

  4. Luke Kadavu
    Luke Kadavu says:

    Hi, I’ve just watched the film and I loved it. This is the kinda family movie we need to watch. I’m 25 years of age (yet to experience much), but I love the way this movie showcases unity in a family, learning from each other, spending time together, getting to know each other a whole better.

    I bet if families around the world were more appreciative, loving etc like the characters in this film, the world would be better place to live in.

    Thanks again.

  5. Syed kasim Raza
    Syed kasim Raza says:

    Its a wonderful movie. I enjoyed each and every moment of this, what a perfect combination of story, characters, scenery and emotions.

    I really appreciate and congratulate all the people involved in making such wonderful movie.

  6. Steven Johnson
    Steven Johnson says:

    I just got don watching the movie it was great . It brought tears to my eye’s at the end.I’m
    59 years old single divorced never did have any children when I was married living in
    Wisconsin.Again that was a very heart warming story.

  7. gary
    gary says:

    The trees were beautiful, Where was it filmed I have called friends to tell them to look at the TREES


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