Tiny Pencil: A Zine Dedicated to All Things Graphite

For all of the lead lovers here at Studio 602, there’s a new biannual zine on the rise that specializes in art created exclusively using pencils.  The zine is called Tiny Pencil, and it’s put together lovingly by graphite enthusiasts Amber Hsu and Katriona Chapman.

The two decided to seek out artists who worked in a variety of mediums to have them take a stab at pencil art. This idea is unique since it evens the playing field amongst all of the artists who contribute; nobody who is featured in the zine has an advantage or disadvantage as far as tools go.

Since Tiny Pencil is so new, there have only been two publications they’ve released so far. The first is Tiny Pencil 1: The Forest Issue, which is a lovely “64-pages of pure pencil awesomeness.” As the title suggests, the issue is themed around pencil art that depicts scenes from the woods. The second release, TP 2.0 Summerzine!: Mammals, Monsters, & Mars! is brand new for the sunny season and features comics and games that are appropriate for all ages.  The packaging contains three awesome mini-zines, an assortment of colored pencils and playing dice, all included in a nifty match-box style package.

Hsu and Chapman are constantly seeking new artists to feature in future issues. In fact, anybody who thinks they’ve got the chops can submit their work to the Tiny Pencil website, so if any of you Studio 602ers think you’ve got what it takes, shoot Hsu and Chapman a submission.

Tiny Pencil Zine

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