When it comes to innovation and design, not many companies boast quite the resume that Troika has accumulated over the years. This company has won over 60 design prizes since it was founded, including the prestigious Red Dot award, German design award, and the Good Design award from the Chicago Athenaeum. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the German based company, here’s a little background information.


Troika’s History

Troika was founded in Hattert, Germany by Liudger Boll in 1992. Since their start, the company has mainly focused on developing top quality design gifts that are both pleasing and user-friendly for consumers. One of the company’s major beliefs is creating products that are market leading and innovative, which makes a lot of their products unique and distinct from the competition.

Today, Troika has an array of over 500 products ranging from creative key rings, accessories for personal use, and office products such as writing instruments. Although Troika made its name in Germany, the company has a worldwide presence as they currently have exclusive partners in more than 70 countries.

Troika’s Motto

 Troika’s company motto is “freude schenken,” which translates to “be delighted.” And that is exactly what their products do. As they put it themselves, “Troika’s great product line of wonderful gifts have been delighting givers and recipients alike for decades.” The company identifies and prides themselves with function, pleasure, innovation, design, gift, and brand.

Our newest Troika Products

First, we have the “Troika Construction Multitasking Mechanical Pencil”, which comes with a classic silver finish. This pencil is great for architects and designers as it comes conveniently equipped with 4 different types of rulers on the pencil itself, measuring in both inches and centimeters. The graphite in this pencil is advanced by twisting the point of the pencil instead of clicking or pressing a button like you do with most mechanical pencils.

Troika Construction

Similar to the pencil, our second product from Troika that we just released is the “Construction Multitasking Pen.” As far as looks go, this pen looks identical to the mechanical pencil version, but it offers its own unique perks as well. Just like the pencil, the pen version comes equipped with the architectural ruler feature. But the major factor that sets this pen apart from most other pens, is that it has a handy mini screwdriver with both flat-head and a Phillips head on one end of it.