Since 1907, the Portugal based company Viarco has been making quality pencils and unique writing products using traditional methods and tools. The company was originally started by Counselor Figueiredo Faria and his French partner Jules Cacheux and was first known as “Portugalia.” Although the company was successful early on, Portugal’s entry into World War I greatly affected the economic activity, along with the Great Depression of 1929-1931.


A new era

In 1931, Portugalia underwent a big change and was purchased by Manoel Vieira Araujo. Five years later in 1936, he officially registered “Viarco” as the official trademark name for the company. Manoel then put his son Antonio Vieira Araujo in charge of managing the company with the goal of “stimulating and renewing the pencil industry.”

The first few years of the Viarco factory were dedicated to research and development as the company was trying to improve production methods and overall innovation. During this time, Viarco also moved its factory facilities from Vila do Conde, Porto to Sao Joao da Madeira, Aveiro.

Today, Viarco continues to make fine writing instruments and various other products ranging from office and school products to professional drawing and water coloring material. Viarco is also known for doing collaborations with local Portuguese designers, which has helped increase the desire for their writing instruments in the artistic community.         

Our newest Viarco products


We’ve introduced two new items from Viarco’s “Art Graf” collection. The first of these is the Viarco ArtGraf Watercolor kit, which contains a portable watercolor brush, a soft graphite watercolor stick, and a 20-gram watercolor graphite tin, packaged in a black gift box.

One of the cool and unique things about this product is that the graphite tin acts just like watercolor paint, and can be used to paint shimmering shades of black and grey. This kit is perfect if you are looking to try out a new medium and best of all, it’s really easy to use as it functions the same way you would use watercolors. The graphite stick that is included is also perfect for creating dark fine lines and detailing.

Viarco Carbon 999

The second product from the ArtGraf collection is the Viarco ArtGraf Carbon 999 pencil. These pencils come in a set of six and are high quality, water-soluble charcoal pencils and feature a large charcoal core, which is great for large strokes on paper. The pencil writes in a very dark black and almost looks like charcoal on canvases, minus the chalky and brittle tendencies that most charcoal pencils usually have.

Next, we’ll be exploring some of the non-traditional products Viarco offers. Stay tuned.