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Two of the latest Viarco products that we are now offering are of the “non-traditional” sort. The Portuguese based company has always been known for their creative edginess, and that is very relevant in these new items.


Changing the way we draw


The first product we would like you to get familiar with is Viarco’s ArtGraf Graphite Putty. This fun new product is a graphite experience like you’ve never experienced before. One of the interesting things about the putty is that you can knead and mold it into whatever shape you’d like, and then use it to draw and create unique graphite works of art.


Viarco’s putty is also water-soluble so it acts like a watercolor when used with a wet paintbrush or wet canvas. Another fascinating way to use the putty is to add or combine it with water. By doing this, you can change the consistency of the putty to your desired setting to get that perfect shade.

ViarcoGraphitePuttyHand                      ViarcoGraphitePutty(2)

This innovative way to use graphite gives the user endless possibilities and ways to create art, and also have some extra fun in the process.


Thinking “BIG”


Viarco wasn’t shy when it came to the new ArtGraf XL Graphite Drawing Stick. This product gives the user a part of the pencil making process directly in their hands.

ViarcoXL1 (1)

Before a pencil’s graphite is shaped into thin strands and glued between pencil slats, the graphite is mixed and prepped. Instead of feeding the prepped graphite into a machine, the innovative folks at Viarco fed it into a canvas bag, giving you a handsomely large chunk of pencil graphite to play with.

viarco-graphitestick (1)

The XL drawing stick is intended for larger scale canvases, and is indeed water-soluble. This graphite stick can be used wet or dry, which allows the user to attain a vast range of shades, whether it is the lightest of greys or the darkest of blacks. Creating with this large piece of graphite featuring its unique blend of carbon and binders will be sure to give artists an interesting new way to draw and make art.


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