Viarco has been making quality pencils in Portugal since 1907. Viarco was started by Counselor Figueiredo Faria and Engineer Jules Cacheux, and was originally known as Portugália.  Portugália was very successful in the production of writing materials, but Portugal’s entry into World War I, as well as the great depression of 1929/1931, greatly affected pencil manufacturing. It was in 1931 when Manoel Vieira Araújo acquired the company, and in 1936 registered Viarco as a trademark.

In the first few years of new ownership, most of the time and energy was spent in research and development.  In 1941, the company moved to its current location in S. João da Madeira. Viarco continues to make quality pencils and continues its dedication to honor its history by focusing on simplicity as part of its identity. Their leadership has a strong focus on unique and bold creative designs, both in pencils and packaging. They often do collaborations with local Portuguese designers, which has turned their historic pencil making facility into a center of artisan culture in Portugal.