One of our new products is by a company rich in German roots.


A little bit about e+m 

It wasn’t until many years later in 1983 when Wolfram Mummler, who was the fourth generation of the founder family, restarted the production of wooden writing instruments. The company mainly focused on developing a variety of clutch pencils, mechanical pencils, wooden pens and accessories.

Since 2003, Mummler has been the sole owner of the company and established the name “e+m Holzprodukte.” The “e” stands for the original founder Ehmann while the “m” stands for the current CEO Mummler.

One of Mummler’s firm beliefs is “keeping the old traditions of classic manufacturing alive while transforming them into the modern production process.” E+M has been able to successfully accomplish this even a century after its inception, as they are one of the leading manufacturers of wooden writing instruments today.


What makes their products unique?

 E+M uses only the finest of woods when it comes to making their products. Over twenty different types of wood, mostly coming from Europe with very few coming from overseas, are used to produce their high-quality writing tools and accessories.

Not only does e+m use the finest of woods to create their products, they also have an extensive production and inspection process their wood must go through in order to guarantee their high standard of quality. Take the drying process for their woods as an example. It can be stored for up to two years just to let the wood dry properly, while mahogany and olive wood can dry for up to seven years.

Sustainability is also one the highest priorities of the company. All of e+m’s products are FSC-certified which helps ensure that the number of trees being brought down are much lower than natural growth.


What type of work and for who are the pencils best suited for?

Clutch pencils date all the way back to 1929, when a Swiss engineer designed the first drawing pencil with a pushbutton spring clutch. The unique thing about clutch pencils is that they allow the possibility for different diameters of graphite leads to be used.

The e+m Workman Artbox pencil is a clutch pencil crafted out of stained and waxed German beech wood. The Workman set includes an extra-thick 5.5mm HB graphite stick and a small sharpening cube to sharpen the graphite.

The extra-thick graphite that this pencil is equipped with is perfect for smooth even shading. Also, clutch pencils stay the same size as they are used up giving the user a consistent balance in their hand, which some users prefer.

One of the best things about these pencils is that they are extremely reliable which is very important to someone who spends hours drawing or writing and wants a high-quality instrument to use.

If this sounds like you or someone you know, then this is the perfect pencil!

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