Faber-Castell Print Ads

The Best Faber-Castell Advertisements

Over the years, pencil manufacturer Faber-Castell has produced some genuinely inspiring print ads that blur the lines between ad and art.  One of our chosen best pencil print ads was from a Faber-Castell colored pencil campaign. Faber-Castell is one of the largest pencil manufacturers in the world.  They’re known for their high-quality colored pencils, drawing […]

Pencil Life Hacks

Our Favorite Pencil Life Hacks

Popular blog Lifehacker.com strives to make readers’ lives a little easier.  The blog posts great deals, encouraging video and literature, technological tidbits, and creative DIY projects and more to help readers ‘hack’ shortcuts into their lives to make life simpler and to free up time. We came across a video that shows guitar players how […]

Drawings by Arno Hagenunger

Pencil Artist of the Week: Arno Hagenunger

This week’s featured pencil artist is Arno Hagenunger, a pencil artist from Germany who creates incredible, fantastic drawings using a combination of graphite pencils, color pencils, and various acrylics and pastels. His DeviantArt profile features the quote “Du bist immer dann am besten, wenn’s dir eigentlich egal ist,” which roughly translates to “You are always […]

General Pencil Company

A Brief History of the General Pencil Company

The General Pencil Company has manufactured pencils since 1889.  Withstanding the World Wars, recessions, hurricanes and new ages of technology, the General Pencil Company has proven itself to be a survivor in an economic climate that tends to push out domestic manufacturers. Oscar A. Weissenborn founded the General Pencil Company in Jersey after his father […]