Pencil Patent

Happy Pencil Day 2015!

157 years ago today, Hymen Lipman received the first patent for a pencil with an attached eraser. Mr. Lipman’s pencil featured graphite throughout three-fourths of the pencil and India rubber (natural rubber) in the remaining one-fourth of the pencil. The user would sharpen away the wood on one end of the pencil to reveal the graphite […]

PDC20 20 Year Celebration

Today is a very special day in Pencilnalia (If you get that reference, thank you. You’re the reason we’re here in the first place.). March 20, 2015 marks the start of’s 20th year in existence and we’re ready to celebrate. “How?” you ask? Read on to find out. 20 Years in the Making At exactly 12 noon on […]


Alan Turing’s Lost Notebook (And Other Million Dollar Notebooks)

Alan Turing, the mathematician that founded computer science and broke Germany’s “Enigma” code to help win WWII, was recently immortalized by the Oscar-winning film The Imitation Game.  His story, once unheard-of outside of the world of mathematicians, has since become a near-household name. While The Imitation Game focuses on Turing’s work towards cracking Hitler’s encryption […]

Dot-Grid Paper

Types of Paper Prints and Their Uses

You may be familiar with different weights and textures of paper, but what about different paper prints? Each paper type has a different set strengths and weaknesses that makes it ideal for different purposes. Read on to learn more… College-Ruled or Wide-Ruled If you’ve been to school at any point in your lifetime, chances are good that you’re […]

Best wood for pencils

The Best Wood for Pencils

We’ve talked before about the different materials used to make pencils, and how to identify the material your pencil is made from. But what makes a wood good for making pencils? Let’s take a look at the two most popular woods used to make pencils: basswood and, the best wood for pencils, incense-cedar. Incense-cedar Incense-cedar is reddish-brown […]


A Look Inside the New Blackwing Packaging

Today, Palomino began shipping Blackwing pencils in their redesigned packaging, and that means we get to start shipping the new boxes to you! The new design signals a departure from the folding, carton-style box that has been used since the Blackwing’s revival in 2010, so we thought we’d take a closer look at the new Blackwing packaging. The Feel […]