Drawings by Brad Tabar

Pencil Artist of the Week: Brad Tabar

This week’s featured pencil artist is Brad Tabar, or Dokkalfr if you follow him on DeviantArt. Brad creates pencil drawings that are, in a word, fantastic, in both quality and subject matter. Brad’s DeviantArt gallery is divided into seven categories: “Scandinavian and Teutonic Myth and Folklore,” “British Islander Folklore,” “General European Folklore,” “World Folklore and Mythology,” […]


The Best Pencil Artists on Instagram

Instagram is filled with talented artists who use it to show off their pencil prowess. Here’s a list of some of the best pencil artists on Instagram. Alice Herring, @aliceandtheredherring Alice Herring is a story artist at Dreamworks Animation. Off the clock, though, she’s snapping pictures of sketches and posting them on her Instagram account. […]

Graphite Water Filtration

Graphite-Powered Water Filtration

One of our favorite pencil life hacks doubled as a great survival tip.  This alternative use for a pencil could help you start a fire with your car battery.  This week, we’re taking a look at another life-saving use for a pencil, courtesy of National Public Radio: filtering salt water. Scenes from films “Life of […]