Pencil Artist WillowFelicity

Pencil Artist of the Week: WillowFelicity

This week’s featured artist is a pencil artist from Indonesia who goes by the handle WillowFelicity on DeviantArt. Willow creates drawings that combine black and white graphite elements with bursts of color from a variety of different mediums, including acrylic paints, watercolors and wax color pencils. Willow uses Faber-Castell pencils for the graphite portions of […]

Pencil Artist Jack Kaminski

Pencil Artist of the Week: Jack Kaminski

This week’s featured pencil artist is Jack Kaminski, a pencil artist, comic illustrator, art director and concept artist from Brazil. Jack creates everything from hyper-realistic portraits, to surreal landscapes and, regardless of the subject or style, Jack executes each drawing with astonishing skill. In fact, many of his drawings are so meticulously crafted, it’s difficult […]

Thomas Kinkade's "Sunset on Snowflake Lake"

Holiday Artists to Brighten the Season

Beautiful, inspiring and sweetly nostalgic, holiday art makes this time of year seem even more magical and delightful to everyone who enjoys paintings of winter wonderlands, happy children with their presents and scenes of the Nativity. To enrich your holiday spirit, here are 5 holiday-related artists known for creating some of the most classically exquisite […]

Sampson Mordan Mechanical Pencil

A Brief History of the Mechanical Pencil

Despite what David Rees claims in Chapter 11 of How to Sharpen Pencils, mechanical pencils do have their place in the pencilverse. Surprisingly, this wonder of pencil technology has actually existed in one form or another for the better part of five centuries. If you take a look at pencil history, you will see that the first […]