Pencil Artist Anatolij Grebnev

Pencil Artist of the Week: Anatolij Grebnev

This week’s featured pencil artist is Anatolij Grebnev aka Tolik, a “self taught, bearded, animator [and] illustrator” from the Ukraine. Tolik creates whimsical drawings using a wide variety of tools, including Marco graphite pencils, 2mm clutch pencils, Faber-Castell PITT artist pens and Mitsubishi Uni Pin fine line pens. Tolik’s style is fun and fanciful, utilizing […]

Blackwing Volumes Limited Edition Pencils

Blackwing Announces “Volumes” Limited Edition Pencil Program

Yesterday, Blackwing announced “Volumes,” a limited edition Blackwing pencil subscription program. Blackwing also informed retailers that each edition will be made available to select retailers once the subscriptions have been sent out and while supplies last. That means, when the first edition is released on June 10th, we’ll have it right on for you to purchase. […]

Bullet Pencils

The History of the Bullet Pencil

Bullet pencils, as the name suggests, are pencils whose casings are made from spent rifle cartridges. They originated on battlefields in the early nineteenth century, and were sold as souvenirs. .303 British rifle casings were the most commonly used. As British colonialism spread in Africa, the industry of battlefield souvenirs boomed. Opportunistic scavengers-turned-entrepreneurs picked over […]

Pencil Artist Pauline Jaine Palita

Pencil Artist of the Week: Pauline Jaine Palita

This week’s featured pencil artist is Pauline Jaine Palita, a pencil artist from the Phillippines who creates “wibbly wobbly artworks” using a combination of graphite pencils, color pencils and paints.  Pauline uses Faber-Castell color pencils and mechanical drafting pencils for most of her drawings. Her style ranges from hyper-realistic, to stylized realism, to Japanese animation-inspired […]

Bonded Lead

Obscure Pencil Terms and What They Mean

If you’ve spent time lurking through the Pencil Internet, you’ve probably come across some terms that have made you scratch your head. Like most enthusiast scenes, the pencil world is full of obscure pencil terms and jargon that can intimidate the novice pencil hobbyist. We’re going to pave your entryway into the world of pencils by […]