Sampson Mordan Mechanical Pencil

A Brief History of the Mechanical Pencil

Despite what David Rees claims in Chapter 11 of How to Sharpen Pencils, mechanical pencils do have their place in the pencilverse. Surprisingly, this wonder of pencil technology has actually existed in one form or another for the better part of five centuries. If you take a look at pencil history, you will see that the first […]

giant pencil

Top 5 Instructables For Pencils

Winter is coming, and with it, weather that makes you want to stay indoors. Very soon you’re going to need a way to combat the boredom and keep the kids occupied. One of my favorite foul-weather pastimes is doing craft projects. These five Instructables for pencils will keep you entertained and give you some really […]

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When I’d Rather Use A Pencil

A recent Wall Street Journal article quoted Count Anton-Wolfgang von Faber-Castell, chief executive of Faber-Castell, as referring to paperless, entirely digital classrooms and offices as “wishful thinking.” This quote has been sticking with me, and it has made me wonder: is that really what is being wished for? And by whom? Are there people out there […]