Pencil Artist Martin Ohlsson

Pencil Artist of the Week: Martin Ohlsson

This week’s featured artist is Martin Ohlsson, a pencil and ink artist from Sweden who creates delightfully ghoulish drawings using a combination of ink, graphite, charcoal and pastels. Unlike many pencil artists, Martin’s drawings often lack hard lines and focused detail. Instead, his drawings feature a hazy structure as ephemeral as the subjects depicted. That […]

Pencil Artist Sandrine Sakkalis

Pencil Artist of the Week: Sandrine Sakkalis

This week’s featured artist is Sandrine Sakkalis, a pencil artist living in Brussels, Belgium who creates graphite, wax and water color pencil drawings. Sandrine describes her style as “set between surreal and fantasy,” and her subjects range from celebrities to characters and creatures of her own creation. Sandrine draws to “bring emotions, smiles, tears” to […]

Pencil Artist Oleshnikova Anastasia

Pencil Artist of the Week: Oleshnikova Anastasia

This week’s featured artist is Oleshnikova Anastasia, a pencil artist from St. Petersburg, Russia who creates drawings of motorcycle stunt riders. Oleshnikova’s style is inspired by Makoto Endo, a Japanese artist who draws and paints with chopsticks, but she uses more traditional tools to create her drawings. Oleshnikova uses Koh-I-Noor graphite pencils ranging from 2B […]

Pencil Artist Kolobok1969

Pencil Artist of the Week: Kolobok1969

This week’s featured artist is Kolobok1969, a pencil artist and painter from Canada who creates paintings and drawings of subjects pulled from mythology and world religions. Kolobok’s drawings feature elements of surrealism but, unlike many surreal drawings, his drawings are filled with an astounding amount of detail.  Kolobok uses Staedtler Mars Lumograph pencils ranging from […]

Pencil Artist Wilfrid Barbier

Pencil Artist of the Week: Wilfrid Barbier

This week’s featured artist is Wilfrid Barbier, a pencil artist from Canada who creates color pencil drawings based on photographs taken during his travels. Each drawing in Wilfrid’s gallery features a short caption describing the subject depicted and when/how the original photograph was taken. These captions give a bit of insight into the artist’s creative […]