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The Interview in Pencil Form

By now, most of us have heard about The Interview, the comedy film about North Korea that became the centerpiece of a conflict between North Korea and Sony Pictures which included hacking, the movie’s removal and eventual return to theaters. Before this subpar comedy became so glorified, the writers at Slate decided that they would […]


2014 – A Year in Pencils

2014 was a heck of a year to be a pencil fan. It saw the introduction of new products and brands, the launch of the first ever pencil podcast and much, much more. Here’s a timeline of some our favorite 2014 events from the world of pencils.   The New Site Launches On February […]


The Pencil Game “Charlie, Charlie”

You’ve probably heard of using a Ouija board to contact spirits, but I bet you haven’t heard of using pencils to have your questions answered by supernatural beings! The Pencil Game, also called “Charlie, Charlie,” is a traditional Mexican ritual wherein players (usually children) are said to contact the spirit of a child named Charlie. […]


The Pencil Pregnancy Test

The pencil pregnancy test comes from an old wives’ tale that claims it can predict the gender of an unborn baby. It is also said that this test can reveal the birth history of a woman who already has children, and can even predict the gender of future children for a woman who is not pregnant.  […]

Pencil Artist G.M.

Pencil Artist of the Week: G.M.

This week’s featured pencil artist is G.M., a pencil artist from Italy who goes by the handle ElectroHeart38 on DeviantArt. G.M. is a self-taught pencil artist who enjoys experimenting with a variety of styles and mediums, a creative quirk that is immediately apparent when browsing through his gallery. It’s filled with 3D perspective drawings, realistic […]

Pencil Artist Juan Marzocca

Pencil Artist of the Week: Juan Marzocca

This week’s featured pencil artist is Juan Marzocca, a pencil artist from Argentina who creates photo-realistic pencil portraits. I had a blast browsing through Juan’s DeviantArt gallery over the weekend because Juan practices the seemingly lost (but rapidly reemerging) art of showing his work. Juan’s gallery is not only filled with finished pieces, but with […]

Pencil Artist WillowFelicity

Pencil Artist of the Week: WillowFelicity

This week’s featured artist is a pencil artist from Indonesia who goes by the handle WillowFelicity on DeviantArt. Willow creates drawings that combine black and white graphite elements with bursts of color from a variety of different mediums, including acrylic paints, watercolors and wax color pencils. Willow uses Faber-Castell pencils for the graphite portions of […]