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642 Things to Write About: Great-Great-Grandmother’s Diary, June 16, 1865

For the next week, we’re going to be doing something different on the Pencils Blog. In addition to pencil news and updates, our staff will be writing short stories using prompts from 642 Things to Write About, the most popular book in the Pencils.com Bookstore. This story, by Gina Verrastro, is based on the following prompt:  You find […]


Palomino Announces Blackwing602.com

Yesterday, Palomino announced the launch of their new Blackwing-focused site Blackwing602.com (as well of a very interesting new notebook, but more on that later). The site is aimed at fostering the culture of creativity, innovation and excitement surrounding the Blackwing pencil. It will feature articles, videos and profiles of creative people and their processes, and […]


Common Paper Weights and Their Uses

Once upon a time, a tenth-grade English teacher sought to impress upon her students the importance of following MLA guidelines to the letter. One such guideline was that essays must be printed on paper of a particular weight. That night, twenty-some sophomores went home and told their parents they needed paper of a certain weight, […]


Internetopia: How to Draw the Internet

Overview Have you ever wanted to ask a famous artist to create something for you? Thanks to artist Benjamen Redford, you can pledge a dollar and get a piece of custom-tailored immortality on Internetopia.com. Redford launched his Internetopia project on Kickstarter this past December. After successfully backing his first drawing, he has indicated that he […]

Visual Note Taking

A Guide to Visual Note Taking

Are you a big notebook doodler?  Here’s a new note-taking trend that may help you put that creative spirit to a productive use. Visual note taking is a new method of taking notes that encourages the writer to stray away from traditional text-heavy form.  With visual note taking, the note-taker uses sections, structures, images and […]


10 Little-Known Pencil Facts

I write a piece of trivia on my whiteboard at work every morning. It started as a way to lure visitors to my remote cubicle without bankrupting me the way a candy bowl would. Then I moved closer to the rest of my department, and everyone looks forward to the Daily Fun Fact. It’s a […]

China Lead Poisoning

Pencils Slandered in Lead Poisoning Case

Hunan province’s local chemical plant wants the world to think that something is in our children’s pencils. Over 300 children in the Chinese province have tested positive for high levels of lead in their bloodstreams, Salon reported last week.  Reason points towards the chemical plant’s runoff. The plant denies responsibility, suggesting students’ habitual pencil chewing as […]