The Rise and Fall of the Yellow Pencil: Part 2

The historical intent of painting a pencil yellow as a reflection of high quality is considered out of date and yellow pencils are increasingly viewed as a low value commodity segment.   - [Source] In Part 1, we discussed the yellow pencil’s rise to national icon.  We found that the now-common writing staple once had quite […]


Build Anything Using 3D Printed Pencil Connectors

Be an architect, own a plane, and become someone’s favorite gift-giver. All of these things are possible with QalamSila. Only two ingredients are necessary for this concoction: plastic connectors that can be printed using any 3D printer (or purchased pre-printed) and woodcased pencils. QalamSila (pronounced similarly to “Godzilla”) emerged from the first 3D printing and […]


A classroom inspired by pencils

A couple of years ago, I met William Maguire, a teacher from Rowley, Massachusetts who has a very special classroom program involving pencils. At the beginning of the school year, William gives each student a wooden box filled with Golden Bear, Prospector and ForestChoice pencils, erasers and a sharpener. When any of his students outperform expectations, he lets them […]


Choosing the Right Pencil Shape

Hardness and material are important aspects to be considered when choosing a pencil.  Pencil shape, however, is often overlooked.  Though it may seem cosmetic, pencil shape affects grip, comfortability, and, for learners, writing style and technique. Picking the right pencil shape is not as daunting as it sounds.  We’re going to guide you through the […]

Pencil Artist Madonna Hassinen

Pencil Artist of the Week: Madonna Hassinen

This week’s featured pencil artist is Madonna Hassinen, a pencil artist from Helsinki, Finland. Madonna is inspired by the Golden Age of Disney animated films, and this inspiration shows through in her work. Her drawings feature the smooth, confident lines that are the hallmark of an experienced animator, and her DeviantArt gallery is filled with (literally) […]