Derwent Pencil Company

Derwent Pencil Company

History Legend has it that in the early 1500′s, a violent storm in the Borrowdale area of Cumberland led to trees being uprooted. Beneath these trees was a strange black material that left its mark on whatever it touched. This material turned out to be graphite, a core component of the modern-day pencil. Shepherds began […]

Pencil Artist Thiago

Pencil Artist of the Week: Thiago (kikodv)

This week’s featured pencil artist is Thiago, a pencil artist from Brazil who goes by the handle kikodv on DeviantArt. Thiago’s profile features a gallery dedicated to his non-colored originals and a gallery dedicated to their digitally-finished counterparts, giving his followers a look inside his creative process. Thiago creates his original drawings with a selection […]

Pencil Artist Michela

Pencil Artist of the Week: Michela

This week’s featured pencil artist is Michela, a pencil artist, t-shirt designer and painter living in Italy. Michela goes by the handle Mikyechelon on DeviantArt and, after browsing through her gallery, it’s apparent that she is extremely skilled in a variety of mediums. Michela’s DeviantArt profile features drawings that range from intensely detailed portraits to […]

Nicolas-Jacque Conté

The Erasable Podcast Episode 2 is Up

The Erasable Podcast is back with their second episode and, unlike the Star Wars prequels, this Episode 2 is pretty awesome. Andy, Tim and Johnny discuss the pencil terms they’ll be using during their podcast episodes, dissect the anatomy of the pencil and issue a challenge for listeners to submit their best pencil puns with […]