Pencil Facts: How Erasers Work

We know pencils work thanks to graphite molecules breaking off and catching onto the fibers of paper.  Today, we’re going to figure out how erasers work to remove those bits of graphite when you make a mistake.  As it turns out, erasers work using complicated chemistry.  Because this is a pencil blog, we’ll try to avoid too much […]

Pencil Artist Nikolaj Djatschenko

Pencil Artist of the Week: Nikolaj Djatschenko

This week’s featured artist is Nikolaj Djatschenko, a pencil artist who creates surreal pencil drawings of historic icons, classic fairytales and characters of his own design. Nikolaj uses Faber-Castell pencils and Faber-Castell ink markers to create his drawings. His subjects feature soft lines and features, and he makes liberal use of cross-hatch textures to shade […]


Blackwing Volumes – Vol. 725 – The Sunburst Pencil

Yesterday, Palomino announced the first Volumes limited edition Blackwing pencil, Vol. 725., exclusively to subscribers of the Volumes program. Today, it’s available to non-subscribers, and we have it here on Below is an excerpt from the announcement detailing the story behind the pencil: “The Blackwing 725 pays tribute to [the] Newport [Folk Festival] as […]

Chelsea MFG Co. Blade Sharpener

Vintage Pencil Sharpeners In All Their Glory

Vintage pencil sharpeners are exciting.  Though I never thought I would make that statement, it’s true – old pencil sharpeners vary from sleek and fancy to wild and zany in their designs. Panasonic Pana-Point KP-22A This 1970s pencil sharpener fetches a pretty penny on Etsy.  Its minimalist, rounded design is hard to hate and it […]