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OUR HISTORY was registered in 1996. Our parent company, California Cedar Products Co., has been in the pencil industry for over 100 years and is the industry’s leading wood supplier. In the early days, was dedicated solely to providing information about the benefits of a high-quality pencil. Over time, the content expanded to include lesson plans for teachers, information on renewable resources, and pencil history.

Teachers began asking us where they could find high-quality pencils for their students. We realized it was getting harder and harder to find a decent pencil, so we started offering pencils from some of the best pencil manufacturers in the world on our site. We were the first to market with the Palomino Blackwing pencil, and share our HQ with Blackwing in the heart of the California Central Valley.

We’ve since expanded our offerings to include a curated selection of pencils, notebooks, sharpeners, and accessories from some of the world’s best brands.



We’re located in California’s Central Valley, about halfway in between San Francisco and Yosemite. We designed our offices to inspire and enable creativity, just as we do. Along one wall, you’ll find an award-winning 40 foot pencil history timeline and a display filled with pencil artifacts. Explore a bit further, and you’ll find the studio where we brainstorm ideas, fully stocked with a turntable, piano and guitar, walls adorned with drawings of inspirational artists.

All of our products ship out of our 6,000+ square foot warehouse and our hardworking fulfillment team strives to fulfill every order within 24 hours. Our warehouse is also home to our home-made ping pong table and half-court basketball court. Step out into our loading bay, and you’ll find our whiffle ball field, complete with our own green monster.


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