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A Blackwing Volume 710 pencil (Set of 12) with a Grateful Dead pattern isolated on a white background.
A collection of Blackwing Volume 710 (Set of 12) pencils alongside their packaging box with a striped color pattern, displayed on a dark surface next to a stringed musical instrument associated with Jerry Garcia.
Three Blackwing Volume 710 (Set of 12) pencils and a pencil box with a colorful Grateful Dead design next to a guitar fretboard on a dark surface.
A book with a vibrant abstract cover design, inspired by the Grateful Dead, lying next to a Blackwing Volume 710 (Set of 12) pencil on a white surface.
Three Blackwing Volume 710 (Set of 12) Grateful Dead pencils, two unsharpened and one sharpened with an exposed graphite tip, resting on a dark surface.
Multicolored Blackwing Volume 710 pencils with erasers, one sharpened, on a dark surface.
A box of Blackwing Volume 710 limited edition pencils featuring colorful Grateful Dead-themed artwork on the packaging.
A box of Blackwing Volume 710 (Set of 12) pencils against a white background.
Limited edition Blackwing Volume 710 (Set of 12) pencils' box with colorful abstract design inspired by Jerry Garcia, showcasing volume 710.

Blackwing Volume 710 (Set of 12)



Though he is best known as the lead guitarist and vocalist for the Grateful Dead, Jerry Garcia was much more than a musician. His house at 710 Ashbury Street marked the heart of the enlightenment and expression that pulsed through San Francisco in the 1960s. It also fueled Jerry’s profound exploration into painting and visual arts.

Like his guitar playing, Jerry’s sketches and paintings seem to meander on the canvas, taking unexpected turns before changing shape entirely. They show us that improvisation isn’t just reserved for the stage and that our ideas shouldn’t be bound by what’s expected of us.

The Blackwing 710 is a tribute to Jerry Garcia and his fusion of visual and musical expression. A slice of his painting “Curves & Lines” is printed on each pencil, which features our soft graphite that is ideal for both drawing and songwriting.

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