Our Featured Artist Lesson Series includes a growing number of helpful resources to improve your drawing, sketching and animating skills using a growing range of pencils.

Below are lesson plans contributed by our Featured Artists…these resources will be helpful for pencil artists of all kinds.


Mike Theuer

COMPOSITION– Combine forms and space to express yourself in a beautiful drawing

SHADING– Gain an understanding of the pattern of light, then shading becomes very easy

GRIP– Get a grip…on the pencil!

HOW TO SHADE ACROSS A DRAWING– Learn a new form of shading

FOCUS– Use detail to focus your drawing

HOW DO I DRAW HAIR?– The Mike Theuer Method

These lessons contain rules that are simple and exercises that are easy to do. Yet they have a great impact on your drawing. Try them.


Brian Duey

NEGATIVE DRAWING– Learn how to draw the spacing around certain objects

CIRCULISM TECHNIQUE– Gain the skills to make skin texture look excellent

HOW TO DRAW A CAR– Now that is a Corvette!


Brian Duey is an extremely talented artist with plenty of knowledge to pass around. Let him help you improve your abilities.


Diane Wright

DRAWING SKIES AND CLOUDS– This is how professionals draw realistic skies

DRAWING ROCKS– Let Diane teach you how to effectively draw rocks

CHISEL POINT– Diane shows you how to make a versatile pencil

DRAWING GRASS AND WEEDS– Grass and Weeds are easy! Just follow along with Diane.

Diane Wright excels in a number of drawing techniques. Her lessons can especially help you master the art of the landscape!